Teen Wolf (season 3)


Original air date : 5th June 2011

Status : 3 seasons broadcasted

Number of seasons : 4

Country : USA

Channel : MTV

Created by : Jeff Davis

Genre : Fantastic, comedy, Horror, Drama

Cast : Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Rodden, Crystal Reed, Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Melissa Ponzio, Daniel Sharman, Ian Bohen, Max and Charlie Carver…

Story :  A somewhat awkward teen is attacked by a werewolf and inherits the curse itself, as well as the enemies that come with it (source : IMDB).


My Review (May contain some spoilers):

I don’t know what happened with this series, but I’m literally addicted to it. I can’t not watch an episode. So I was really thrilled when I learnt that this year, we would have 24 episodes, cut in two part. I don’t really like long seasons, so two arc stories was absolutely perfect for me, and at the end of the whole season 3, I just loved it.

I found the first part great from the beginning to the end. Great story, well managed and good actors. Some subplots were not that useful and maybe not always so well done, but it’s often the case in series. The stories about the Darach and the Alpha Pack were written with sense and research, and it’s nice to see that. It’s also nice to see that Scott and his friend still have some teenagers issues, that the relationship between Stiles and his dad is frightened by the lies and secrets, that Lydia struggles with what she is. It’s a bit weird to find out that Derek finally still have some family, a long lost sister Cora who was in South America all this time and it’s quite obvious the new teacher is the Darach. It’s also sad that Erica and Boyd left so soon when they could have had a really nice storyline. Especially Boyd, whose sister is dead but we still don’t know why. But despite these little weirdness, the first part was really good. I loved three of the alphas, especially the twins and I was glad to learn they would come back in the second part. I was looking forward to see how their redemption would take place. The departure of Cora (Adelaide Kane) made me a bit sad, but she is the leading actress of the canadian serie “Reign” and she is even better as Queen Mary Of Scotts that she was as Cora Hale. And I loved Cora.

The second part was even better. The first two or three episodes kind of disappointed at the time, but after three months, the feeling is gone. Taking one of the main character as the big villain was a great idea, and the storyline was perfect. Learning a bit more about asian myths was one of the nicest thing this year. And the fact that it wasn’t just on the new girl Kira was even better. Kira could have been the bad guy, her mum could have been the bad guy too. Finally, it was Stiles who was possessed by the Nogitsune. Like for the first part, there is some plots that don’t really serve the big story : Malia is a interesting new character, even more because of her relation with Stiles, but she doesn’t do anything for the big story itself. Absolutely nothing. I hope she’ll have a bigger role in season 4 (I’ve read that it’s apparently the case, so I’m quite content with that). Also, Allison and Isaac are a bit sidelined for this second half. As well as the twins. I had big hope for them and I have been a bit disappointed. And for no apparent reason, I didn’t like Scott’s dad. We don’t see a lot of Derek neither. He’s the one who find out how Stiles became the Nogitsune, but it’s almost the only thing he did (not the only thing, but almost).
But the main story was well managed and like the headline of this half promised it, I did lost my mind a few time. Kira is not a complete archetype of the japanese girl and the Nogitsune was really creepy. It’s the kind of thing I really love and I haven’t been disappointed by that.

I’m sad that quite a lot of this season 3 cast member are leaving the show, even if they weren’t my favourites. But Crystal Reed (Allison) and Daniel Sharman (Isaac) didn’t have a lot to do in this season and I understand their desire to try something else. As for the twins, they have been cast for another tv series, so they had to leave this one. But the others, the ones I prefer anyway, are still here for season 4, so I will still watch it.
Tyler Posey (Scott) has now better acting skills than at the beginning of the series, it’s really nice to see how he evolved. As well as Holland Roden (Lydia). I didn’t really like her character in season 1, but I love her now. Even though Peter’s character is a bit mistreated (one episode, he’s here, the next one, he’s not, and we don’t know why, the bombshell discovered by Lydia but almost not treated in this season ), the relationship between Ian Bohen and Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale) is a real treat. And Hoechlin is perfect to play the calm strength. Arden Cho (Kira) and Shelley Henning (Malia), both regular for season 4, showed great potential. I’m really looking forward to see them a lot more. And even with the death of his “daughter”, I hope we’re still going to see JR Bourne (Chris Argent). I always loved him in Stargate SG1 (he is one of the reason I’ve started Teen Wolf) and he is even better as a werewolves hunter who is more often trying to help these werewolves rather than killing them. The cliffhanger  at the end of season 3 makes me think that my hopes for him are not illusionary.
But the one who stole the season, it’s Dylan O’Brien. He was already quite exceptional in the first two season, but this year, he surpassed everything. He was able to play more than convincingly two character at the same time, sometime in less than a minute, and without a inch of hesitation. I’m sure he has a great career in front of him.

I’m surely going to watch a lot of these werewolves, for a long time.


Mark : 8,5/10 

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